10 unique ways to incorporate calligraphy in your wedding day

One of the last details of planning your wedding day is also one of the most important - the day-of wedding signage! Signs are important for your guests to feel welcomed and comfortable that they know what's happening and where they need to be.

Signs with handwritten calligraphy are a perfect way to make these functional signs also beautiful and personal to you! These little details can elevate your day from average, to completely personalized and authentically you. The options are endless, so have fun with it!

Here are 10 ways to incorporate calligraphy into your day-of wedding signage and stationery.

1. Welcome Sign

First and foremost, your guests should be welcomed into the reception space with a beautiful welcome sign! A wood engraved welcome sign with a personalized quote is a perfect way for your guests to feel the love. These engraved signs are created to also be used as home decor following the wedding! I say that's a win-win!



2. Seating Chart

If your wedding is assigned seating, a seating chart is MUST. There are a lot of options of how to display your guest names on a seating chart and it can become a great focal point as your guests enter the reception space.


3. Place cards and Escort cards

Many people don't know the different between the two. Place cards are arranged at each place setting for guests to find their seat at their table (typically they found this on the seating chart). Escort cards are all arranged on a table near the entrance of the reception for the guest to find their escort card with their table number on it, and choose which seat at the table they would like.

Place cards and escort cards are not only for your guests to know where they are seated, they can also be extremely important for servers to know which guest is having which entree. Marble tiles and acrylic are a trendy spin on the old paper standby. You could even incorporate a place card with your wedding favor such as a bottle of honey or jam! These are the little touches that make each of your guests feel special.


This couple decided to use an outline around the guest's name to indicate to the servers who had vegetarian dishes!


4. Head table place settings

To up your game for your besties at the head table, try something fun like agate slices with calligraphy!


5. Personalized Menus

Instead of an individual menu AND place card for each guest - combine the two! You'll save money and you will certainly 'wow' your guests with personalized menus with handwritten calligraphy.


6. Alternative table numbers

Instead of traditional numbers at each table, give each table a name! These could be themed as cities you've visited, names of sports teams, or flower names. This Colorado bride decided to name each table after the Colorado mountains. 


7. Signature Drink Menu

Having a signature cocktail drink menu is such a perfect way to give your guests a little taste of what you like. Some couples even name their signature drinks after their pets!


8. Itinerary Sign

You never want your guests to feel lost and confused. If you're having cocktails, dinner, or dancing in different rooms, give your guests a heads up on where they need to be and when that part of the night will start. Maybe you have a photo booth, or a food truck outside - make sure everyone knows by having a sign!


9. Dessert Signs

Everyone loves dessert! Your guests want to know where to find it! Having signs identifying dessert flavors or directing people to the ice cream truck outside are all adorable little details that add to the aesthetic of the day. This couple decided to have signature his and hers ice cream flavors! So cute!


10. Calligraphy Scroll Backdrop

If you want to make a statement - add a calligraphy backdrop. This could have your vows written on it, a poem, or your first dance song lyrics - anything that is special to you will help your guests get to know you better. This could be behind the head table, or maybe the dessert table or photo booth!


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10 unique ways to incorporate calligraphy in your wedding day