Why you should get engagement photos taken

Whenever couples ask me if they should have engagement photos taken, it's always a "YES, ABSOLUTELY"! 

Here's my reasons why I think it's important...

1. Practice being in front of the camera

It is great practice to be in front of the camera BEFORE your wedding day so you can relax and feel more comfortable with your photographer.

2. Picture variety

The pictures from your wedding will be ADORABLE! But, it's also really nice to have pictures of you in normal clothes. This is a great opportunity to get pictures at a place that is special to you that you might not be able to get to on the wedding day!


3. They make save the dates so cute!

Enough said.

4. There aren't many opportunities in life to get cute photos of yourselves.

You're young, adorable and photogenic!  So do it, already! :)


Bonus tip:

Get your wedding makeup trial done the day of your engagement session so you'll be all done up and gorgeous for the pictures!


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why you should get engagement photos taken