Everything you need to know about save the dates



Congratulations on this new, big adventure!

So...what’s next?! Wedding planning can definitely feel daunting and overwhelming.

I hope this post can at least shed some light on what you need for save the dates and why they’re important.



1. Why are save the dates necessary?

Yes, it feel redundant to send a save the date AND an invitation. However, weddings are big events now-a-days. You want to make sure your guests do not plan other events or vacations over your wedding day. Plus, it will give them time to save up and book travel plans if they’re coming from afar.


2. What should I include on my save the date?

Save the dates don’t need to be complicated - just the basic info! Your names, your wedding date, and your wedding city and state. That’s it!


3. when should I mail them?

This answer depends on your wedding. If you’re having a destination wedding and most of your friends and family will be traveling from far and wide, you can send your save the dates up to a year in advance from your wedding date. If this isn’t the case, average time is anywhere from 8-10 months prior to the wedding date. They can be sent as early as 6 months prior if you’re choosing to have a short engagement.


Here’s some bonus stuff to think about…

Engagement photo - A common trend with save the dates is included a photo of you and your fiance from an engagement session. While this is certainly not necessary to include a photo on your save the date, I always recommend couples get engagement session pictures taken. It can be such a fun, playful touch to add to the save the dates, whereas the invitations are typically more formal. 

Read here my four big reasons why you need to get engagement pictures taken!

Wedding website - Even though it’s not necessary to include a wedding website on your save the date, I always think it’s a good idea. If you have some more details about accommodations on your website, your guest can already start thinking about their travel plans.



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everything you need to know about save the dates