Welcome Zak!

"Let's do today."

This is the most interesting man in MY world. (He's also my husband if you didn't get that already.)

This is the guy you’ll want with you when you’re in a sticky situation. He loves solving problems and is a true Zak-of-all-trades. (See what I did there?!)

He can build furniture (not just from Ikea), rewire all the electrical in your house, saw down the trees in your backyard, fix your motorcycle / lawn mower / chain saw / computer, build you a deck, he also plays the ukulele, and drums in a band, oh and he can do a backflip and juggle while riding a unicycle.

When he gets excited about something new, give him a week and he’ll learn everything he can about it. He’s addicted to knowledge, which is such an essential part of living a creative life, and a more fun and interesting life, I might add.

One of my favorite things he says to me before tackling a long day of projects is “Let’s do today”. He is a go-getter and I’m so happy to officially welcome him into my creative business journey. I will continue to share his work and talk more about how he makes my designs come to life!