I hope my work inspires you to dream up an idea we can bring to life.


My love for design began with high school yearbook. I was part of the yearbook staff freshman through senior year and eventually became the senior editor! This experience inspired me to study graphic design in college.

I attended college at University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. While in school, I began freelance designing and worked at various jobs in the Milwaukee wedding scene. I fell more and more in love with weddings and the people that make them happen.

In 2014, I graduated with a Fine Arts degree in Design and Visual Communications. After college, I searched for a way to meld my love of design and weddings. During the planning of my own wedding, I designed all of my own stationery and began exploring calligraphy. I enjoyed it so much, I decided to open an Etsy shop with invitation designs! After a few years of honing my calligraphy skills, I am now designing invitations using my own calligraphy and also offer calligraphy services!


By focusing this artistry towards weddings, I am able to express my creativity while connecting with brides and grooms around the world! Thought and purpose go into every detail of my designs I strive to only deliver final products that I am truly proud of. I especially love collaborating and I find my best work comes from putting our brains together to think up an amazing and unique idea. I want to discover what brings you love and joy and use that as inspiration to create a beautiful piece of art.

 I hope my work inspires you to dream up an idea we can bring to life!